Listed below are some recent samples of our work.
Far from exhaustive, they represent a cross-section
of clients and projects.


Event Materials

Dining in the Dark
....Program Page
....Sponsor Sign

Baltimore Visionary Awards- Invite

NY Building A Cure - Invite

NY Fashion Ball - Invite

Dining in the Dark Invite Redesign

Chicago Art of Wine - Invite

New Jersey Taste- Invite
New Jersey Taste - SaveDate

Other Print Pieces

Rand Schools "SNAX" Project
Student Leader Guides
Bookmark Handouts

Rand HIV Project - Palm Card
....Activism Share Art
. ..Election 2012 Wrap Up
....Paul Ryan and Friends

Patriot Majority - Election 2012
....Mailer - "Her"
....Mailer - "Shut Out"
....Mailer - "Forward"
....Mailer - "White Only"
....Mailer - "Voice"
....Mailer - "Control"
....Mailer - Right"
....Mailer - Too Far"
....Mailer - "Here"

AFT Romney "His Own Words"

UBC Romney/Obama

FFB Promo Book

Vivace - Concert Posters

Another varied collection of pieces, but quite a bit older.


A collection of various recent logos



Various websites we've designed and built
(this is the beginning of the design of our new site, actually)